Our Program

What is the JOBSPARK Certification Program?

JobSpark is a certification course for teens aged 14+ interested in gaining the soft skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to apply for prospective jobs across multiple sectors.    

    Our live virtual classes are taught by certified teachers, and upon completion of the 10hr program (2 hours/day), each teen will earn a certificate.
Our Course Modules
The 12 Skills for Success
What's In The Program?

The JOBSPARK Certification Program

Our Course Modules

Students will learn essential skills for the workplace from each of our seven course modules.

Customer Service and Retail Module

Leadership and Recreational Teaching Module

Health and Safety, Wellness and Inclusion Module

Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy Module

E-Commerce Module

Trades Module

Cover Letters, Resumes, Interview Skills and Job Search Module

The 12 Skills for Success

Each student is taught and educated in the following useful foundation strategies:



Problem Solving

Health & Safety

Code of Conducts

Teaching Games

Financial Literacy

Resume Building

Interview Skills

Accessibility & Inclusion


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