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"I really enjoyed it! Best experience in my teen years." ~Leonela

"I really liked the finance module. I used it to help me open

a savings account and pay attention to how I spend my

money and what I spend it on." ~Julian 

"The program helped me a lot. LOVED IT! 10 out of 10. I would definitely recommend taking this course! Thanks for everything!!" ~Nyabuoy

"I really appreciate you as a teacher for sharing with us this course and experience. I really learned a lot like creating a business account, writing resumes, and a lot of things. And I also learned how Zoom works. This has made my summer fantastic and made me occupied. I learned a lot of things. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get my certificate." ~Daniel

"I feel very privileged to be in this program and it was a real pleasure and I really enjoyed it." ~Farhat  

"This is an amazing course and I honestly love listening to the calls + all the support in this course. I would definitely take this next year." ~Kathleen

"It was very fun and learned so much for my future." ~Nevine

"I really like how they help us and make sure we do what we’re supposed to do." ~Ngamije

"I find that I have learned a lot of skills that I didn’t know." ~Nikita 

"It was a lot of fun! I learned quite a bit. Thank you, Andy and Paul, I appreciate it very much!" ~Anupriya

"The teachers were amazing and were able to answer all my questions." ~Antonio  

Group Students Smilling

"This course is amazing and extremely beneficial for teens struggling to pay tuition or just the overall information was a good starter to becoming an adult." ~Laura

"I loved doing the breakout rooms, it gave me a chance to practise my communication skills." ~Allysa

"I really loved this program it was very good and was a lot of fun information. I loved all the content and all the things I was able to learn from both Andy and Paul.  They were very patient and tried to make it fun so we were not bored for two hours. But in all, I really loved the program." ~Johany

"It is really helpful and fun to join. I enjoyed meeting new people and new materials. Thank you for everyone who participated." ~Abdirahman  
"It was fun, I enjoy socializing through digital especially when it's breakthrough. The courses are well demonstrated and we learned a lot of things, and our mentors were amazing!" ~Mark 

"I really enjoyed the program, I loved meeting everybody from different schools. I loved talking to everybody and learning new skills." ~Nwaife

Check out these endorsements from JOBSPARK students.

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