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E-Commerce Module

In today's digital world, having an online presence is crucial for any business's success. This course covers four major digital platforms that businesses can utilize to establish their online presence: Websites, Facebook Business Pages, YouTube Channels, and Amazon Marketplace.

Understanding Websites and discuss how they can help businesses, the key considerations when designing and creating a website, and the importance of analytics to measure its success.

Looking into Facebook Business Pages and explore their significance in building brand awareness and customer engagement. Students will learn how to advertise their business on Facebook and how to create their Facebook Business Page.

For YouTube Channels, we will discuss the benefits of creating video content for businesses, the role of YouTube influencers in promoting brands, and how businesses can monetize their YouTube channels. Students will have hands-on experience creating their YouTube channel.

Finally, we will explore the Amazon Marketplace and its significance for businesses to reach a broader audience. Students will learn how to seek approval for selling products on Amazon, the importance of having a sales plan, registering their products, and various shipping options. We will also discuss the significance of Amazon reviews and analytics in driving sales.

Throughout this course, students will gain practical knowledge and skills to establish and grow their online presence using the four digital platforms. By the end of the course, students will have learned about websites, Facebook Business Pages, and YouTube channels, and will be equipped with the knowledge to sell their products on the Amazon Marketplace.
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