The JOBSPARK Certification Program teaches the '12 Skills for Success'

Every student teen who completes the JOBSPARK Certificate program gains insight and advantage building for the future. Each student is taught and educated in the following useful foundation strategies:


  1. Our online live synchronous learning program can accommodate all group sizes from all locations.

  2. Video recordings of each session are posted for students to review.

  3. We work with your organization to plan a schedule that works for your group.

  4. Our instructors are certified with the Ontario College of Teachers and have the experience and knowledge to work with students from all backgrounds.

  5. Attendance and Assessments are taken after each session and a JobSpark certificate is earned after each successful completion of the course.

The 5 Sectors of JOBSPARK


  1. JobSpark prepares teens for employment across 5 sectors (customer service, retail, recreation leadership, entrepreneurship and e-commerce).

  2. JobSpark provides teens with additional certifications, knowledge, and confidence to improve their chances of being hired.

  3. JobSpark introduces technology skills to teens to help them transition successfully to today's workplace (Website creation, Facebook Business pages, YouTube channels, Amazon Marketplace).

  4. JobSpark provides students the opportunity to create a cover letter, resume, and participate in a mock interview.

  5. JobSpark introduces Financial Literacy to students.

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