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The Certified Training Program ensuring teens excel and succeed.

    JobSpark is a certification course for teens aged 14+ interested in gaining the soft skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to apply for prospective jobs across multiple sectors.    

    Our live virtual classes are taught by certified teachers, and upon completion of the 10hr program (2 hours/day), each teen will earn a certificate.

  See the JobSpark program here.

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Ignite your teen's future!
"A 10hr course and a lifetime of value."


“As a small business owner, we'd love to work with a program where these young workers come with some pre-training.” 

> Russ, Franchisee


“When students get a job with Tim Hortons they learn the importance of teamwork, customer service, organization skills, multitasking, and punctuality.” 

> Jen and Dave, Owners


Testimonials from students who have completed the JOBSPARK program

"The program helped me a lot. LOVED IT! 10 out of 10. I would definitely recommend taking this course! Thanks for everything!!" ~Nyabuoy

"This is an amazing course and I honestly love listening to the calls + all the support in this course. I would definitely take this next year." ~Kathleen

"I loved all the content and all the things I was able to learn.  They were very patient and tried to make it fun so we were not bored for two hours. I really loved the program." ~Johany

Please see more testimonials here.

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