Why business partners choose JobSpark!

“I have a strong belief that training and mentoring young people to prepare them to enter the retail world is critical to success, sustainable employment and employee growth.”

~ Dave F, Associate Dealer – Canadian Tire

“As a small business owner we are continually challenged to provide training to young employees...to work with a program where these young workers come with some
pre-training...would be very appealing to a business such as ours.”         
 ~ Russ A, Owner – Boston Pizza

“Hiring JobSpark certified camp counselors gives us a strong core of students with the necessary skill set needed to deliver our camp programs”

~ Andrew C, Owner – Active Camps

Welcome to JobSpark: The certified training program helping teens excel and succeed.

   To have success in the workforce, teens need to acquire skills and proficiency in areas desired by employers.

   In consultation with the private sector, the JobSpark curriculum was developed by teachers to match the expectations for the jobs of today.

   With flexible options, JobSpark can be delivered completely online, or in a classroom setting. Both options are led by experienced teachers, and successful students receive JobSpark Certification upon completion.
   JobSpark gives students the confidence and knowledge needed to apply for prospective jobs across multiple sectors. With JobSpark Certification, graduates will always

'Stand Out From the Crowd'!

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